~About Me~

I live, work and play in the greater Washington, DC area but I am a South Jersey girl at heart.

I am an aspiring writer and yogini in search of like-minded souls.  I am always up for a mug of green tea or a shopping trip.  I am convinced that I will be a lifelong student.  I try to balance reality with a strong desire to give in to my wander lust and travel the world.  I write about my search for a healthy and joyful life through a plant-based diet, heaps of yoga and voracious reading.  I want this blog to be a place where I can revel every day in the everyday ordinary things that make up a life.

My interests include:  reading, yoga, writing, Spanish, cooking, vegetarianism and veganism, crocheting, human rights, Latin America, exercise, creativity, music, foreign film, poetry, Israel, quotes, traveling, the color turquoise, gratitude, tea, list-making, holistic health, inspiration, chocolate, my Planner Pad, massages, the beach, laughter and skies full of stars.

Contact me:

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