Thursday, November 4, 2010

On being a healthy foodie.

I love to cook. Love it. I find it meditative and relaxing. There is nothing I love more than making sure my boyfriend (and friends, family, etc.) is well fed. I also like the challenge of finding a new recipe and creating a great meal or dessert from scratch. There are so many dishes that I still want to learn how to make, from spinach empanadas to homemade pies. I think these are great skills to have. However, I hate having delicious sugary desserts or an overload of calorie-heavy meals in my apartment because I will eat them.

Luckily, my boyfriend also likes to eat lots of veggies and healthy meals, so that helps. I may start trying my hand at things like homemade granola bars or veggie-filled stews instead. I think my problem is that it makes me grumpy that I can't cook, bake and eat like a "normal" person. Portion control is not something that comes naturally to me.

How do you balance being someone that loves to cook and bake with someone that wants and needs to get healthier and lose weight? Has anyone else experienced these same feelings? Does anyone have any good healthy vegetarian recipes or resources they can share?

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stephanie alaine said...

hey lauren! just catching up on your blog and wanted to reach out to you. i'm sorry to hear about you're back~that is tough and I hope you're able to take good care!

i think being a healthy foodie is a challenging balance. i certainly feel like one has to know oneself so well that they are able to balance the beauty of all their passions. be it wine, food, friendship, exercise, family, traveling, fashion, etc. the subject doesn't matter here, it's the beauty of the balance we're usually seeking.

my thoughts usually settle around conjuring up compassion and putting my self first. it sounds strange, but in the moments where I take good care of myself, i find i'm peaceful in other ways: i'm satisfied with my food and exercise habits, i'm healed (or healing) from the inside out, stress levels are normal, sleep is easy & peaceful, and so on and so on. i found this balance by faithfully using a food journal and logging exercise habits, too.

i think there are a million ways to scale the mountain, but one must carve time our for oneself in the journey. i wish you all the sacred space needed in order to do so. healing & kindness be yours.