Monday, December 6, 2010

Reverb 10: Day 6

Today's prompt for Reverb 10 was: What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

A few weeks ago I made the yummy mini-cupcakes that you see above (from Oh She Glows). They are amazingly delicious. In fact, it was the second time in just a few weeks that I had made a batch. I highly recommend that you give them a try since anything that involves chocolate cinnamon cake, spiced buttercream icing and candied walnuts is bound to be good! That same week I also made a veggie chili from scratch so that Jesse would have some food to take for lunch.

There are so many things I want to make! For starters, I'd love to make an apple pie from scratch and crochet a blanket. These are my next two projects and since my last day of work for the year is this coming Friday, I think I just might be able to clear some time to make these two!


Dani in NC said...

Winter seems to be the perfect time for crochet, doesn't it? I also mentioned food in my Reverb 10 post. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one.

kim-samsin said...

Those cupcakes look phenomenal. You have singlehandedly made me very hungry. Good luck with your apple pie--it just doesn't feel like the holidays without a steaming apple pie.