Monday, May 4, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude.

Over the past two years, learning to be grateful--truly and deeply thankful and appreciative--has changed my world view.

I have always believed in saying thank you for everything and in the power of sending handwritten thank you cards. Beyond that, being grateful has taught me that more often than not, whatever you have, wherever you are in life and whatever surrounds you is simply enough. It is one way that I try to live my yoga.

Here is what I am grateful for today:

-The seemingly endless rain. I have been getting so much crossed off my to-do list while being forced indoors.

-Child's pose. Some days it feels like an old friend; on other days it feels like a safe haven from the crazy world.  It always feels like surrender. When you have no car, it's nice to have the groceries brought to you once in awhile.

-Indulging in manicures, or as I like to call them, $15 gifts from heaven.

-My newly organized closet. Spring/summer clothes moved to the front, heavy sweaters to the back and four bags to Goodwill.

-Free time. I am still working on knowing exactly what to do with it, but just the fact that it exists, now that it is nearing the end of the semester, is enough for me.


Melita said...

i always try to keep gratitude at the forefront. and we really do have SO much to be grateful for. no matter how bad things look or seem for me, i just start thinking about all that i have to be grateful for.

thank you so much for adding me to your blogs you love category. that makes me incredibly happy.

City Girl said...

I found you through Melita - really liking your blog :) And yes, manicures are wonderful $15 gifts from heaven :)