Monday, May 4, 2009

Words to Grow By.

Yesterday, as I desperately needed to finish a research paper for graduate school and wanted to clean out my over-stuffed closet, I found myself doing anything BUT those two things. Then I remembered something I had read recently by SARK:

"You can unlearn your procrastination just as you learned it. I notice how we inundate ourselves with huge goals and then berate ourselves when they don't occur. Remember that procrastination is rooted in over-functioning and low self-esteem. What a doomed combination! Procrastinators are also tremendous perfectionists and relentless rehearsers. They rehearse over and over in their mind how they're going to do it perfectly--then when they do nothing, it doesn't disturb their perfect vision!

To release procrastination is to fly through your very own dream sky. Once I learned how to let go of procrastinating behaviors, my creativity soared to new places that seemed unreachable before. Letting go happens in layers and increments and is definitely a process. I'm looking forward to the new places I'll travel if I continue to let go...."


Melita said...

this is so true. i have been procrastinating working on my statement of purpose to get back into grad school. why, i guess because i want it to be perfect. you've inspired me to get on the ball and work on it.

nice blog by the way :)

Lauren said...

Thanks for commenting! It's nice to know that others are reading this and getting something out of it.

Good luck with your statement of purpose!