Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food for Thought

I am loving this post by Kelly Rae Roberts on naming what you really want.

I am also loving this post by Kaileen Elise on defining success.

I am feeling like I need an entire day parked in an oversized chair with an oversized mug of tea and my journal. Right now there are so many thoughts to work through and so little time.

I am also behind on my post on risk for The Joy Diet book club. I'll get there, I promise!

{Photo credit: alicepopkorn}


Marisa said...

Thanks for the blog links. I enjoyed them too.

kaileenelise said...

wow - thanks for linking to my post. i am so glad you enjoyed it! i hope you get a chance to share your definition of success. i would really love to hear it. xo, kaileenelise