Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best of '09: Day 6

Best Workshop/Conference

Well, this was really more of a one-day local retreat, but I am going to say Kimberly Wilson's "New Year's Gala" this past January anyway because it was that good. We set intentions and goals, learned about how to best take care of ourselves through nutrition, did slow-flow yoga, wrote in our journals and generally basked in both a sense of community and the glow of a beautiful setting. It was the perfect way to start the new year. If you will be in the Washington, DC area, Kimberly will be hosting the retreat again on January 9, 2010. To sign up, go to the Tranquil Space website under "workshops".

For more information on the "Best of '09 Blog Challenge", visit Gwen Bell's blog.

{Photo credit: Tranquility Du Jour}


kimberly wilson said...

thank you for sharing your experience at our gala. it was a treat to have you join us and i'm delighted to hear it was a highlight! xo

Melita said...

i attended the staycation in june and yes, it was fabulous. i really wish i could attend the 2010 new years gala but unfortunately due to school i won't be able to. i will be there in spirit.