Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Best of '09: Day 9


In general, 2009 was a very challenging year for me. I balanced a full-time job with part-time graduate studies. I took some of the most difficult courses I have taken to date. I faced a few health challenges. Time seemed scarce and stress seemed to abound.

The biggest challenge I faced this year, however, was being in a long-distance relationship.

Due to a number of circumstances, my boyfriend and I don't live near each other. I live in the Washington, DC area. In the beginning of the year, he lived in New York City and now, due to school, lives in Pennsylvania. Since we both have pretty full plates, it doesn't leave all that much time to visit. Reading and studying and, in my case, work, take up so much of our time that short Gmail video chats is what we rely on to get by.

This year I have learned so much about myself through this experience. I've learned a lot about love, trust, patience, communication, the importance of scheduling, understanding, honesty and empathy. I think you learn about boundaries and about voicing what you need better than you might if you were together all the time. I also learned that after this year, I don't ever want to have to be long-distance ever again. The distance most certainly teaches you to appreciate the time you do get to spend together, but I would never trade that for being able to come home to him every night.

{Photo credit: Mykl Roventine}

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Melita said...

long distance relationships are very hard. i am glad to hear that you and jesse keep so strong during these hard times. hugs to you both!!