Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This weekend I:

-Met up with the lovely ladies from City Girl Lifestyle and Hang on Little Tomato at Teaism. It was fantastic to spend the afternoon with them.

-Got a manicure. It's the small pleasures that mean the most after a very stressful week.

-Attended a co-worker's wedding bash.

-Got rid of four bags of things I no longer want/need. There's more that I could clean, organized or trash but this was enough to make me feel lighter and make my living area feel more spacious.

-Took a luxurious mid-day nap on Sunday. It is amazing what two extra hours of sleep can do for one's productivity.

-Watched The Golden Globes. All those beautiful dresses!

-Did Jillian Michaels' "30 Day Shred" a few times (and have very sore leg and arm muscles to prove it).
-Tested out a new recipe for asian-style baked tofu.

It was a perfect balance of having fun and honoring my introverted ways. I could use a three day weekend every week!

{Photo credit: AMagill}


Analiese Marie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! By the way, if I'm not mistaken, that looks like a Dale Chihuly sculpture in the photo. I love his work! If you like that piece, you should check him out: http://www.chihuly.com/

Carolyn said...

Lauren! It was SOOOO wonderful to finally meet you in person. You are an absolute gem, and I can't wait for our future funtimes. :)

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Oh this sounds like a great weekend. A perfect mix of productivity and leisure. I have some bags of things to donate as well.