Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Healthier Junk Food

We had a few friends over this past weekend for a very small Superbowl get-together. I made the nachos that Jesse requested, a not-too-delicious white bean and roasted red pepper dip (must try to work on this recipe), some pizzas we picked up from the Homemade Pizza Company and, my favorite, the "OMG Onion Rings" from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Appetite for Reduction. I'm sure that by now you are very sick of me writing about this cookbook, but I had to tell you all about this recipe. Since I got the book, the picture of her onion rings has been calling to me. I needed to try them!

They take a bit of work to get set up. And if you aren't careful, they can be a little messy to put together. But they are SO good that it doesn't matter at all. I even put them together about two hours before I needed to bake them and stuck them in the fridge until it was time to eat.

Here are the onion rings just prior to going into the oven:

And here they are after coming out of the oven. They were really crispy and even better than fried!

I love, love, love this cookbook!

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