Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Goal Recap and February Intentions

My goals for January were:

-Finish Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. DONE! I thought it was good but not as good as The Corrections. I felt like it could've been edited down a lot. And I should've bought this on my Kindle because it was a pain to lug a book this giant around on the metro. Lesson learned.

-Lose 5 lbs. DONE! In fact, I lost 10.

-Pick an international travel destination for my anywhere-in-the-world tickets. PARTIALLY COMPLETED. We want to go to South Africa, but we need to take some time this upcoming weekend to check out prices, dates, etc. to see if it is feasible. If not, we'll try a different location.

-Get back into a regular yoga/gym routine. IN PROGRESS. I went to the gym with Jesse on Friday night (aren't we so wild and crazy??) and to yoga on Sunday. A massive head cold really got in the way of developing a routine this month, but now I am motivated and ready to keep going.

February Intentions

-Lose 5 more pounds.

-Continue a regular gym/yoga routine.

-Celebrate my birthday (February 10th!) and Valentine's Day with wild abandon!

-Plan out a trip to California and a big one to South Africa (or some other exciting locale!).

-Begin a meditation practice.

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Carolyn said...

WOW congrats on your 10 lb loss! I set out to lose 5 lbs in January, and it was a MASSIVE FAIL.