Thursday, September 17, 2009


Okay, okay...I admit that I have been totally horrible about blogging since September started. I blame one thing: graduate school. Well, graduate school plus work plus a visit from my sister plus a visit from my boyfriend get the idea. As a way to get back into blogging, I present you with a list of "Things Making Me Happy Right Now":

-Cooler weather. Autumn is by far my favorite season!

-Ordering a few new rockin' TranquiliT pieces from the fall collection that just came out this week. There are definitely a few other pieces I still have my eye on as well.

-The Jewish high holidays. A time of much-needed reflection and rest.

-Winning two tickets to hear AJ Jacobs speak, as well as a copy of his new book.

-Yogi Tea in Peppermint. I've been downing multiple cups a day.

-The Next Chapter book club that I just joined.

-Kimberly Wilson's next Tranquilogy teleclass, Fall Festivity.

-The return of good tv, especially The Office, Grey's Anatomy (sadly, it has been arguably not-so-good anymore) and The Biggest Loser.

-A visit to Maine and Cape Cod in October for a wedding.

-Thanksgiving in Maine!

-Being done with the semester on December 9th!

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Anonymous said...

Nice list!..:) I think Autumn's my favorite season too. Love the cooler weather.


Carolyn said...

yay i LOVE happiness lists!

Kiki said...

Love the list! And welcome back!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Love the happiness list. Good to see you back.

Vienna said...

Hi, Lauren! Thank you for your visit and comment.
I love the title 'happiness' for your post since happiness seems to be that lovely daily list of things that make us smile and look forward to the future. I love yours. I am with you in the last item: finishing the Autumn term on the 9th of December! OMG! I haven't even started properly!!!
I'm glad to hear from you.