Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly intention: Focus

My intention for this week is to commit to keeping my focus.

At any given moment, there are multiple things vying for my time and attention.  There are my responsibilities at work, my commitments for school, my friends and family, assorted errands, etc.  I occasionally let it get to the point where I feel like I am drowning.

I find that while I know I can accomplish more by focusing on one thing at a time, I tend to try to either do more than one thing at once or I do one thing while worrying/thinking about/contemplating at least five others.  Not very productive.

Since there are so many things I need to do this week, I am making a commitment to focus on one at a time until I work my way through them all.  Every time I feel overwhelmed, I will consciously come back to this commitment and remind myself that focusing is the only way to wade through it.

What is your intention for this week and how can you work to make it come alive?

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AnalieseMarie said...

Ah, this is a wonderful reminder to set a weekly intention. My intention this week is to be gentle toward myself. I find that I am easily frustrated with not being able to do EVERYTHING on my ambitious to-do list. When I take a deep breath and step back, I realize how much I actually AM accomplishing without realizing it. So, I want to practice a more gentle approach and stop beating myself up for "failing" to be more productive.

Melita said...

focus was my word for 2009. i've struggled at times but i still haven't lost my focus! :) here's to you keeping yours!