Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November!

I can't believe it is already November!  October seemed to have flown by.  This month is incredibly busy for me.  It will include:  Writing four papers, putting together and giving a presentation, a Spanish language proficiency exam for my master's degree, my yearly performance evaluation at work, attending a few events and spending Thanksgiving in Maine with Jesse and his family.

My goals for this month include:

-Find time for me.  I want to get back to a regular yoga and gym routine, read at least a few things for fun, continue journaling and get enough sleep.

-Finish as much of the list above as possible before I leave for Maine.  I want to spend my time with Jesse and his family in as stress-free a manner as possible.

-Get as much accomplished at work as possible.

-Begin thinking about how I want to spend my winter break (no work or school from December 11 through January 4th!).

{Photo credit: lordog}


kaileenelise said...

Lauren, these are great goals. I agree with you - the fall season is flying by! I also need to get back to a yoga/gym routine... xo, kaileenelise

Melita said...

good luck with all of your november goals. i know you will accomplish them all. that is quite a nice winter break you are getting, i'm excited to see what you do with your time. hugs!!

AnalieseMarie said...

Those sound like great goals. I'm sure you can do it. :-)

Carolyn said...

Oh how I miss winter break... This year I am planning to take a week off for Christmas so that'll be a real treat! Good luck w/ your goals, darling!