Monday, November 16, 2009

My Mondo Beyondo List!

Ever since I took the Mondo Beyondo e-course, I've been constantly refining my "Mondo Beyondo" dream list. They encourage you to dream big and then dream bigger. I've hesitated to put it out there in the world but now feels like the right time. I'm looking forward to seeing how this list grows and changes over time, how I incorporate these things or accomplish them and hearing any input/advice/suggestions/comments from all of you!

-Get to my goal weight
-Run a 5 k
-Complete the 200-hour yoga teacher training
-Complete the holistic health counselor training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
-Live in New England (or at least spend summers there--soooooo beautiful!)
-Go to massage school
-Become a gourmet vegetarian cook
-See the world: Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, more parts of Mexico and Israel, Greece, Brazil, India, Germany, and lots more of the United States.
-Swim with dolphins
-Learn Hebrew and Portuguese
-Make my own tallit
-Own my own house with a huge kitchen and a wrap-around porch
-Publish a book
-Teach prenatal yoga
-Sponsor a child through a relief organization
-Sleep underneath the stars on the beach
-Work at an organization that helps women and children
-Become a journalist and/or a freelance writer
-Teach something
-Camp at the Grand Canyon
-Pick my own apples and make a pie with them
-Become a doula
-Pay off my student loans (because this would equal freedom)
-Bake bread
-Volunteer my time
-Have children and raise them to be amazing human beings
-Work to legalize gay marriage
-Open my own yoga studio
-Plant a garden and make dinner with my own vegetables
-Get a Boston Terrier puppy
-Take a painting class
-Have a gorgeous but simple wedding
-Own a new (and not just new-to-me) car
-Hear Salman Rushdie do a reading
-Take a few types of dance classes
-Host Thanksgiving (minus the turkey) for my family
-Take self-defense classes
-See a zebra up close in its natural habitat
-Slow dance somewhere totally inappropriate
-Learn to make my own pottery
-Design my own website
-Trace my family tree
-Own a pair of outrageous high heels
-Become a tea snob
-Fly first class (just once--I want to see what it's like!)
-Crochet a beautiful blanket (after I learn how to read a crochet pattern, that is!)
-Keep kosher and Shabbat
-Complete an adult bat mitzvah class
-Go on a meditation retreat
-Take a workshop at Kripalu

And, because this list can be a bit overwhelming, things I've already done that would have appeared here: Travel (to Israel, Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Italy, Spain plus lots of US places), put a prayer in the Western Wall in Jerusalem, gave horse riding lessons to handicapped kids, got a BA with a double major and a minor, completed a Spanish immersion program, been kissed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, completed the first level of yoga teacher training as well as pre and post natal teacher training at Tranquil Space, waited tables (I firmly believe everyone should have to do this at least once in their life), worked in human rights, completed a wine course, visited the mikvah, read at least 70 books a year since I graduated college, interned at the Holocaust museum, received my boating license, lived in the nation's capital, interned at my Congressman's office, started a blog, lost 70 pounds, wrote a newsletter, worked in retail, met Margaret Atwood and Adam Duritz, heard Elie Wiesel speak, voted for change, survived a near-death experience, saw a show on Broadway, been to a ballet, had several pen pals, mailed "just because" packages and cards to friends and family, raised a puppy, took leaps of faith, read (many) books in a foreign language, counted stars, wrote a letter to my member of Congress, amassed a serious collection of books and loved someone with all my heart.

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AnalieseMarie said...

Wow, Lauren - this is amazing! I'm reading and re-reading your list and it's getting me so pumped up to write down my own goals and actually start taking action on them!

And congrats on everything you have accomplished. It's a truly incredible list!

stephanie alaine said...

wow. wow. wow. first of all, your MB list is dreamy and courageous and full hearted. and your completed dreams list is AMAZING. i hope you reach around and give yourself such a big squeeze, for having the courage to dream out loud. looking at what you have done, i know all those dreams you're holding are certainly to unveil themselves in due time. so excited to hear more as they unfold!

kaileenelise said...

Lauren, this is such an inspiring list! I am especially impressed by all the things you have already accomplished. There is no doubt you will achieve all your dreams. ♥kaileenelise

Ellecubed said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing list. It really is inspiring. I also love that you included a list of everything you have done so far. You are amazing!

Carolyn said...

Wowza! That is some list!! And you know what? I have no doubt in my mind that you will achieve whatever you desire. You're SUCH a hard working, motivated woman!! An inspiration, truly.

green ink said...

Wow!! What an amazing and inspiring list. You have already achieved a great deal, and I have no doubt you'll keep going :)

shelly said...

i just came across your list Lauren...was thinking of taking this e course. we have a lot of the same dreams :) i am pretty sure i am going to start at IIN in May. have you done anything with them yet? would love any advice or knowledge you might have about the program :)

Lauren said...

I haven't done anything with IIN yet because of the cost, but my younger sister did their program in NYC and is a certified holistic health counselor! She loved the program and called it life-changing!