Monday, November 23, 2009

My Favorite Yoga Pose

My favorite yoga pose is actually several: any and all with the word "pigeon" in them. Yes, I am that girl who quickly yells out "pigeon!" when the teacher asks if there are any pose requests. I realize these poses are torture for some people but I honestly love them. I look forward to them all class and leave feeling unfulfilled if we don't get to them at some point. Hip openers help with releasing emotion and are a great way for runners to cross-train.

I love one-legged pigeon, double pigeon, king pigeon. I love the way they really get into my hips and allow me to feel more open, alive, calm, relaxed and limber. I love that they do so much for my body while requiring very little work. I love that all three feel like such different poses but also reminiscent of each other. I love sinking into them and staying there, just being, for several minutes at a time.

Tell me, what's your favorite yoga pose?

{Photo credit: Gaiam}


AnalieseMarie said...

I love legs up the wall and savasana (sp?). And any hip opener!

little one said...

I too, am a lover of pigeon pose. And camel pose & child's pose round out my top 3!

lifeunqualified said...

I'm with you! I could relax in pigeon for hours. My hips are constantly tight and result in screwed-up knees, so letting them open up feels sooo good.

And I also love Eagle for some reason. I think I started really feeling its benefits when I did Bikram yoga for about a month.


Carolyn said...

Augh I love hip-openers too but they are SO. HARD. for me. I have the tightest hips in the world! Speaking of yoga, I haven't done it in weeks... :(

Melita said...

i love pigeon! it is definitely one of my favorites as well. i love the deep hip opening. i've been doing a lot of hip and heart openers recently.