Friday, November 6, 2009

The Joy Diet: Play

Sometimes things happen that just can't be coincidence.  This week, several of those happened.  One was reading this chapter in the exact moment that I needed it.

In the chapter on play, Beck first asks us to consider what your real career is.  She says that once you know this, you can keep adding more and more play in your life.  Considering I've spent the past three weeks or so utterly freaking out about finding a career/passion/calling and putting it into practice, this was much needed.    Beck talks about September 11th and asks what you did that night--or any other major crisis during which there was clearly a before and an after for you.  For me, that's been reading and writing, as well as doing yoga.  

She asks: When life is over, how do you want the world to be different-in large ways or small-because you have lived?  What experiences must you have to feel you've lived a completely satisfying life?

To be honest, I haven't gotten through much of the rest of the chapter because I've been writing, writing, writing on just those two questions alone.  They are so simple and yet they seem to have opened the flood gates for me.  I can't wait to see where they will take me.

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kaileenelise said...

Lauren, I love this. There are a lot of similarities between our thought processes - so much that I mentioned you in my post this morning. Maybe all we can do is write, think and practice yoga. I am certain the answers will come to us if we're patient. Namaste, kaileenelise

Amy said...

I love all these posts about looking back over life. I truly believe that what gives one a truly great life is to look back and be satisfied with how you lived, both the good and the bad. Look back and have no regrets! Very tough to do!

Ginny said...

Reading, writing, and yoga are all things I love to do too. I have a feeling that through your writing you are going to find lots of answers to the questions you are asking. Have fun while you are discovering the next step of your journey.

Dia said...

I'd forgotten the bit about thinking of what you did Sept 11 - one of my friends called a drum/prayer/fire circle, & I remember she asked me to lead some of it.
Dance is my 'yoga,' :) - wish you could be here this afternoon, I'm playing harp for a 'community yoga' class at one of the yoga studios!

Karen D said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with play this week. Writing and practicing yoga, two great things.

airynothings said...

I love it when the Universe sends us "a sign" or a message when we need it most. Yay!

I really enjoyed this chapter better than any of the others. It opened my mind to a new way of thinking that helped me when I needed it - Like a message from the Universe!!!