Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Award!

Both Analiese of Tulips and Tea and Carolyn of Hang On Little Tomato awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you, ladies!!!
Like Carolyn did, I will list the six things making me happy today:
1. It's Thursday, which means it is almost the weekend, and during said weekend I will be getting my first haircut in months and months at Blondie's.
2. "Away We Go" opens this weekend. Gotta love John Krasinski.
3. Exactly two weeks from now, I will be done with my economics class and about to leave for a much needed vacation to Missouri followed by New Jersey.
4. Fresh pineapple with lunch today.
5. Writing out my morning pages. The past few weeks have been chock full of stress and these have been a fantastic outlet.
6. I did something nice as a surprise today for someone very important to me! It always makes me feel good to do something for others. Though I'm a bad secret keeper so I hope I don't blow my cover.
And now I pass this award on to:


Melita said...

congrats on your blog award and thank you ever so much for passing it onto me. you are too kind!!

City Girl said...

Wanted to say thank you again for the blog award. :)