Monday, June 1, 2009

Partner Yoga.

Have any of you ever tried partner yoga?

I had been wanting to check it out for awhile, so back over Valentine's Day weekend Jesse and I took a workshop with Kevin at Tranquil Space. They are offering a few more of them in the coming months, which I would love to be able to attend.

There's something very special and unique about moving and breathing in synch with your partner. You can also use your breath and body weight to go deeper into certain poses. Plus the asanas are even more beautiful when done with two people. And it's not just for romantic partners--try it with a friend! We even learned how to use the poses in my post-natal yoga teacher training to involve both parents and the baby.

I highly encourage you to check it out. A few good books can be found here, here and here.

{Photo credit: FuzzyB}


City Girl said...

I was actually at that very same Valentines Day workshop - I really enjoyed it (though I got kind of giggly a couple of times). It was a very nice way to spend Valentines day though :)

Lauren said...

Ha! So strange that we haven't officially met. I laughed through a lot of it too!

Kevin is offering it again this year as well as Jodi. Hopefully Jesse will visit one of those weekends so I can go back and try it again!

Melita said...

i have never tried it but would love to. now that ryan is getting into yoga it is definitely a possibility.