Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dream Travel.

On this gray, rainy day I started daydreaming about my planned vacation next week. Jesse and I will be traveling to Missouri for a wedding and then to New Jersey to visit my family and spend some time at the beach. I can't wait.

Places I've been: Israel, Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, Italy, Mexico and Guatemala, as well as New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and Maryland.

But I want more.

I love to see new places. So, without further ado, I give you my traveling wish list:

In the United States: California (I want to see it all!), Seattle, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Maine (going in August!), Orlando, Santa Fe, Savannah, Hawaii.

International: the Greek Isles, India, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic, more of Italy, England, France, Costa Rica, more of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Puerto Rico, Kenya.

What's on your travel wish list?

{Photo credit: Magnolias forever}


Anonymous said...

I have realized recently that almost all of my traveling fantasies come from my early teen years reading and watching movies based on Agatha Christie!


I want to ride the Orient Express, take a slow boat down the Nile, etc.

In reality, I am a horrible traveler. Nervous. Anxious. Wanting to get home.

Also, more and more, I have major issues with the damage wrought by travel -- the air travel ALONE.

So I try to focus on staycation type things. And an occasional day trip -- we live so very near to so much.

Yet part of me still yearns for small English villages filled with mystery...

green ink said...

Oh my, here's a subject I never tire of talking of!

The one place I want to go most in the world, ever since I was a child and learned the language, is Italy. I've been living in the UK for 2 years and still haven't been there. There's a part of me that just wants to wait for the right time, enough money and enough annual leave to do it justice.

Other places on the wanna see list:

In Europe:
France (I have only been to Paris)
Berlin (I've only been to Hamburg in Germany)

Bora Bora (after seeing last night's Frasier!)
South Africa

And I'd love to see some parts of the US that I didn't get to see on my trip there - Seattle, Maine, Miami... I thoroughly recommend you get to Santa Fe, well, all of New Mexico. I loved it!

Carolyn said...

In the U.S. - Seattle, Portland, Denver, Boulder, San Diego, return 2 Boston, Savannah, Hawaii

Abroad - the rest of Italy, the rest of France, India, Korea (haven't been since i was 5), Japan, Bali, cruise all around the Caribbean...

I could go on and on!!

Melita said...

unfortunately i haven't traveled outside of the states. one day that will change. i want to be a world traveler. i just need to win the lottery (but i think you have to play to win, hmmm lol). i could go on forever of all the places i want to see but the top of my list would be tibet, india, and africa (all of it!!) and of course the european countries as well :) ok, i'll stop now, because like i said, i could go on forever!

of the places you listed that you want to go to, i have been to seattle and santa fe, and savannah. loved them all. seattle is awesome. hope to move there someday. santa fe, i could really see my self living there sometime too. savannah, while gorgeous is the armpit of the south because it is so terribly hot and humid.