Friday, June 5, 2009

Revelry Review

If you only ever own one piece of clothing, this should be it: the TranquiliT cardishawl (or hoodie). If you click on the link you will be taken to a video to see all the ways you can wear it.
And here are the reasons why you should wear it:
1. It's versatile. I own, two...okay, several, and I always have one with me year round. It's great for post-yoga class in the fall or getting warm in the freezing air conditioning in the summer. I wear one on every plane ride I take (because let's face it, they never get the temperature right on those things!)
2. It's comfy. Sooooo very soft! Feels like pajamas.
3. It's good for the earth. All the TranquiliT products are made with bamboo and organic cotton.
4. It's pretty and comes in a variety of colors. With the other pieces in the line, you can mix and match for great outfits.
5. The clothing line is part of a small woman-owned business, which are always good to support.

I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. Treat yourself to one (or several) today!

{Photo credit: TranquiliT}


Pink Heels said...

I agree! It is definitely one of my favorite pieces from the TranquiliT line.

City Girl said...

Definitely a great piece - I noticed it is now a bit longer than when I first bought mine back in 2006 so I am thinking it's time for a new one :)

Lauren said...

They ARE longer and it's wonderful for girls like me who are 5'11 and not exactly small!

Melita said...

i have a cardishawl and a hoodie. while i prefer the hoodie (simply for a little more fabric) i love them both. girl, i have so many pieces of tranquilit it's ridiculous at this point ;) i have a section in my closet dedicated to them!!