Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Food staples.

My typical MO is to have a few food staples always on hand at home and supplement those with one or two trips to the grocery store throughout the week to buy fresh produce. I know that the more I grocery shop, the better I eat.

I'm curious: What food staples do you always have in the fridge or cabinet?

Here is my list:

1. Some sort of milk alternative. I use light vanilla soy milk on top of cereal or in oatmeal and almond milk for smoothies.

2. Peanut, sunflower or cashew butter. In small quantities, it is great to eat on apples or whole wheat breads or add to my oatmeal.

3. Red lentils. I never get sick of these things and I can cook them 9248934839 ways!

4. Tea. Right now I probably have 10-15 different types of tea at home. Green tea in the AM, peppermint in the afternoon and herbal at night!

5. Frozen fruits and veggies. When I am short on time, in a pinch or the produce is looking icky at the store, frozen fruits and veggies come in handy for stir-frys, smoothies, or soups.

6. Beans. Usually chickpeas or black beans. They have a million uses, they are cheap and they are a good source of protein.

7. Salsa. The best all-purpose condiment!

8. Something sweet. Okay, I admit it. Right now it's all-fruit strawberry popsicles. If I keep something relatively healthy in the kitchen, I won't be as tempted to get something really bad for me elsewhere.

9. Hummus. On a pita or on raw veggies. It doesn't matter much because I love this stuff!

10. Yogurt. I am loving Stoneyfield Farm's fat free peach right about now.


City Girl said...

My staples look a lot like yours actually {minus the yogurt - boo! I miss it} - you actually gave me a great idea in terms of a detox diaries blog post {ie my staples now and maybe I can do a comparison to before}. Thank you!

Carolyn said...

RED LENTILS! I need your recipes and tips! I've never cooked lentils in my life, but I always enjoy eating them when I'm out. And it's a great source of protein for my meat-free diet!

Melita said...

my staples also look very similar to yours. i love that you can cook red lentils a bazillion ways - that made me giggle! and your number 4 brings me to this - i hope you can join in the tea trade fun.