Friday, August 28, 2009

New gadget: TofuXpress

File this one under "Why didn't I Think of That?!?!"

I was flipping through the latest issue of VegNews the other day when I spied this little gadget, the TofuXpress. Place tofu in, push down, water drained and tofu ready to go.
How many times have I tried to get the water out of tofu by using paper towels or two plates, only to realize that my attempts were in vain because it was still watery and refused to cook up correctly?! Could it be that my foiled kitchen creations were just missing the prep work of the TofuXpress? I am not usually one to stock up on random kitchenware but this seems like it could be the answer to many of my tofu-strations! So simple and yet so needed.
The website says that it also can press the water out of paneer cheese, thawed chopped spinach, eggplant, or chopped onions and peppers.
You can order a TofuXpress here.

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Melita said...

that seems like a very handy little gadget to have around the house.