Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Yoga Enough?

Yesterday I came across an interesting article on the Yoga Journal website: Is Yoga Enough to Keep You Fit?

I try to do some form of cardio and strength training in addition to yoga. I find that I lose more weight, eat better and feel better when I practice yoga more than I do other forms of exercise but I have never given up everything else altogether. It could be the sometimes intense sun salutations. It could be the sense of mindfulness that extends off-the-mat. It could be reduced levels of stress.

I get so many things from my yoga practice but I get different (and important) things from other types of exercise. Would you give up other ways of staying fit and only do yoga?


City Girl said...

I did only yoga (5-7 times a week) for several 3-4 months stretches of time a few years ago - i found, though, that from a time perspective, it was very hard to do just yoga as a form of exercise (ie a practice takes over an hour compared to a quick burst of cardio at the gym) and I always felt like even the most intense yoga did not compare to running in terms of a cardio workout. I could be wrong, especially when I think of yoga practices like sadie nardini's (which i have tried via podcast) or some power yoga classes i took in NYC.

Melita said...

i have done the yoga only as fitness before and enjoyed it immensely!

Kiki said...

I love my yoga dearly, but I also love what running does for my physical and mental states. On Sunday mornings, my weekly long run is just as much a renewing spiritual practice as yoga. Whether or not yoga is enough to keep you fit, I'm going to stay diversified!