Monday, August 3, 2009

Revelry Review: Master Your Metabolism

Jillian Michaels' latest book should simply be called "Go Organic.  No, That's Not Organic Enough.  I Mean TOTALLY Organic".  

She spends the first half of the book explaining the various hormones that are involved in weight loss and how toxins in our diet and environment can work against us.  A little dry, but I learned a thing or two that made me appreciate my body and its processes even more.

Then the focus shifts to why you should buy organic produce, meat, cleaners, makeup, etc.  She talks about the dangers of plastic bottles and canned foods.  She gives resources for locating organic products.  She discusses the various preservatives that have turned our food into unrecognizable chemicals.  A la Michael Pollan, she firmly states that you should not eat anything that did not come from the ground or did not have a mother.  And as someone who spends a large percentage of her monthly income at Whole Foods and farmers' markets, I would tend to agree.  

And I was with her right up until she started discussing her issue with prescription medications.  I am all for natural and preventative medicines.  I know that these are highly preferable to overloading the body with all kinds of chemicals that work against the bodies natural processes.  However, I would never tell someone battling severe depression that antidepressants are bad because the chemicals interfere with the body's natural state of being.  I know there are others who believe this but I think it is dangerous for someone of Jillian's stardom to preach this kind of thing to people who want to lose weight (many of whom may also be battling depression).

I did appreciate some of her rules to master your metabolism.  Eating something every four hours, not eating past 9 and getting enough sleep are always good reminders.  Another one I need to work on is "eating like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner". Overall, I am glad that I read this book if only because Jillian's no nonsense attitude is enough to motivate anyone to improve their diet and get back on the treadmill.

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City Girl said...

Thank you for the review :)

Melita said...

excellent review. i feel that i got everything i needed out of the books by reading your review. one less book i need to buy thanks ;)