Friday, July 31, 2009

August Goals.

Organize my room, closet and life in general.
Map out a financial plan for the next year, three years and five years.
Get all of my books and school supplies for the coming semester.
Get Jesse's family to like me while I am in Maine in a few weeks.
Finish at least four of the many books I have been reading.
Hang out at the pool while it is still open.  I need a tan.
Get back into a regular workout and yoga schedule.
Artist's dates, artist's dates, artist's dates.
Spend as little money as possible.

{Photo credit: MorBCN}


Marisa said...

It is hard to believe it will be August tomorrow. Summer has gone way too fast...where did it go?

Lauren said...

I can't believe it either! I feel like it hasn't even come yet. The weather here has been crazy so I haven't gone to the pool or visited my family at the beach. Maybe August will bring sunshine?

Vienna said...

¡Hola! Aquí tienes los blogs en español que sigo. Si encuentro alguno más, te lo cuento. Hazme saber si tu encuentras blos interesantes.

Great objectives. I could borrow a few, actually. August! Already!

Have a lovely weekend.

FB @ said...

Mmmm those goals sound awesome.

I'm on my way to being totally organized, and my entire life fitted into 3 suitcases and 2 carry-ons, ready to move AT ANY TIME!! :D

(P.S. can I please, pretty please ask that you remove word verification if you are going to comment mod? Thanks!)

Melita said...

list sounds good. i have actually been working on my august goal list (will be up soon). and how could jesse's family not fall in love with you. i think you are amazing and i haven't even "met" you yet ;) really cute pic you found btw.

Carolyn said...

LOL #4!!!

Vienna said...

Más blogs:

Revisionista said...

love this post, especially the photo and way you formatted the goals, which make them look like a poem

looks like you have a great august ahead!

Kiki said...

Love your aspirations! One thing worries me, though - when you say "get Jesse's family to like [you]." Please just be yourself, the sparkling and fabulous girl that we know you are! We think you're sublime, so if you are the same with with them as you are with us, they are sure to agree!