Monday, August 3, 2009

Words to Grow By.

"The easiest way to care less about how much you weigh, how much you lose, and how much you get to eat while you're losing it is to care more about something else.

...You can come to care less about focusing on your body by developing a wide range of interests. I think of this as becoming a "life gourmet". I love being around people like this. They have fascinating information about all sorts of topics, and if you ask them if they'd like to go to the opera or to the bowling alley, they'll likely say yes and have a great time. You become a life gourmet by expanding the parameters of what's comfortable for you."

~from Fit From Within by Victoria Moran

{Photo credit: juliagriggshavey}


Melita said...

this is wonderful! thank you for sharing!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for sharing! I just posted a really, really long blog entry about my struggle with weight.

Kiki said...

That's a terrific quote to keep in mind when working toward any sort of goal - to care more about something else. I love this concept of becoming a "life gourmet"!

City Girl said...

Love love love the life gourmet concept.