Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude.

Things making me smile right now:

-This article on Ginnifer Goodwin's Aha! Moment regarding veganism. I love the Albus Dumbledore quote at the end: "It is our choices, Harry, that show us who we are far more than our abilities."

-The Republic of Tea's Red Tea African Rooibos Good Hope Vanilla

-Jesse is visiting this weekend!!!

-Going to Baltimore to see "In The Heights" on Saturday!

-The beautiful red and pink canvas of a lotus flower that my sister sent me for my birthday

-Tonight I am giving my VERY LAST PRESENTATION of grad school! Only 7 session of my one class and a final paper until freedom!

{Photo credit: ZEDZAP-Nick}


Rachel said...

I've always loved that Dumbledore Quote. It's so so true!

shelly said...

i liked that article on GW to!

wishful nals said...

love the list. congrats on almost being done with school! that is a HUGE accomplishment! :)

Melita said...

love your gratitude posts. we have SO much to be grateful for, don't we?! hugs!!

nesscake said...

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