Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making the time.

"If we don't have time to be sick, then we have to make time to be healthy."~Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Hearing this really struck me. Until the snow came, I was running around like crazy. I was doing things for work or school and putting myself on the back burner. When it comes to "Should I write this paper that is due tomorrow or should I go to yoga?", well, the papers were winning. I know I can make the time if I manage my time better and organize myself, so I am writing this here so I actually do it! Here are the things I must commit to and make time for so that my health (and mind) doesn't start to fall apart:

-Yoga: I have found that I need at least two yoga classes a week to stay sane. A daily smaller at-home practice helps.

-Exercise: At least three times a week, preferably more, keeps my mind clear.

-Cooking for myself with fresh ingredients. I notice a huge difference in my mood and energy levels when I eat at restaurants or eat a lot of packaged food.

-Vitamins/supplements: Again, I notice a big difference when I take them.

-Tea. It soothes and calms me. Also keeps me from eating too much junk!

-Journaling: Helps me notice patterns, wants, etc. Stream of consciousness type writing is best for me, I find, but I also need to make time for more structured writing.

-Sleep! I have to have 7-8 hours or none of the above (plus work and class) would ever happen!


Analiese Marie said...

You're so right. I'm the exact same way. If I go 2-3 days without exercise, yoga, and good fresh food, I start to feel really awful. It can be hard, especially with so many demands on our time, but taking care of oneself is the foundation for everything.

Ellecubed said...

This is such a great reminder that we really need to take the time to put ourselves first.

Rachel said...

I am the same. This week I haven't had nearly enough sleep though :(

Thanks for your lovely comment the other day. And the twitter add :D

Carolyn said...

Question: What kind of vitamins/supplements do you take?

Lauren said...

Carolyn-- I take a food-based multi-vitamin, flax seed oil, extra B12, probiotics and Amazing Greens most days. Then I take extra vitamin D and Peter Gillham's Natural Calm (which has magnesium and helps you relax) once or twice a week. Sometimes I'll experiment with others but I think those cover all my bases!