Monday, February 8, 2010

What's Your Theme Song?

One of my loyal readers (okay, boyfriend) asked me what my theme song is! I thought this was a neat idea. I think it would be whatever you get when you combine the following songs:

-Alana Davis' cover of "32 Flavors"
-Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"
-Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Almost Home"

Admittedly there are some days or weeks when they change but I think these three pretty much sum me up in roughly 12 minutes of music.

For the record, my boyfriend said his theme songs are Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man" and Billy Idol's "Dancing with Myself". I like to think of our relationship as a combination of the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling", Sade's "By Your Side" and Ben Folds' "The Luckiest".

What is your theme song (or songs)?


Analiese Marie said...

Aw, I love this idea. Ditto on the "32 Flavors," and also Ani DiFranco's "Evolve." I also feel that way about Joni Mitchell's "All I Want" (the positive parts of it anyway) and Regina Spektor's "On the Radio." I also really identify with Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" even though it doesn't seem to really apply to my life, per se.

Melita said...

this is a great idea! i am not sure on my own theme song (will have to research) but sade's by your side is definitely mine & ryan's ;) hugs!!

Heather said...

Hey, I just noticed I'm on your Blogroll . . . thank you! I think my theme song is Imagine by John Lennon. What would the world be like if we were living that as a reality? Wonderful, I think!

Yael said...

Hrm, as far as relationships go, Sia's "Death by Chocolate" has really been true for me recently. And her "Breathe Me" has some good life lessons that I'm still trying to learn.

For my own theme song though, its Tracy Chapman's "Crossroads."

stephanie alaine said...

lauren, i think my song is "mother we just can't get enough" by the new radicals. i realize that probably isn't the coolest song, but it wakes me up every time i hear it! also on the list: "beautiful child" by rufus wainwright, and a few songs by the be good tanya's that always make me smile!

my beau's song is called "the gardener" by the tallest man on earth. totally worth a listen, miss 28 inches of snow. xoxox

Kayla said...

Love this idea! I don't know if I have a theme song yet, but if I were to choose one to live up to it would be "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"