Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yoga clothes in the workplace?

Would you wear your yoga clothes to work?

This article in the Chicago Tribune, "Workout Wear Goes to Work", highlights new workout clothes, particularly yoga wear, that women are wearing to the office.

I have to be honest. When I go to yoga I leave far too sweaty to go anywhere other than maybe a quick trip to the grocery store. I definitely will wear yoga inspired clothes to the office, such as my TranquiliT skirt dress with a cardigan or a cardishawl. However, I tend to wear black pants with a t-shirt or tank to yoga or the gym. Definitely NOT work appropriate!

My office is moving to a new space in the coming months that is complete with a large gym but while it might be tempting to workout and then head right to work, I just don't think that will ever be a realistic possibility for me. I am of the mind that if you work out and aren't sweating, you probably aren't working out hard enough!

Would you or do you wear workout or yoga clothes to the office?


Anonymous said...

well...i don't work in your typical office. since i do body work when i am not teaching yoga, wearing lululemon yoga clothes or lounge wear is quite appropriate for me. i need the mobility to move freely around when i am working with my clients and be able to show my clients the exercises and stretches they need to do between sessions.

if i actually worked in an office, i wouldn't dream of showing up in yoga clothes. jeans, yes, you can totally dress up jeans. yoga clothes...i've got to say no.

Pink Heels said...

I agree. Yoga clothes are for yoga. Work clothes are for work. I find that the clothing companies that attempt to create yoga/work clothes fall short in many ways...design, creativity, and shape. I have yet to find one company that I could honestly say, oh yeah, I would wear that to work. Wearing them around the house on the weekend, yes. Wearing them to yoga, maybe. To work? Never. I would feel like I was wearing PJ's especially since the fabric does not create any shape for the figure. It looks unpolished for the work environment. However, it really depends on where you work and your title. As an executive, I can't walk in looking like I came from yoga or out of bed. LOL : )

Sallie Ann said...

you definitely should forward this to Kimberly. She sent me those great TranquiliT black palazzo pants, which I often wear on planes, paired with a sweater. I'm wearing my savasana thow now, which doubles as my blanket when I'm on the plane. I love my Lulu stuff, but can't imagine wearing it to work. And I too get pretty sweaty post yoga, thus wouldn't want to go to a client meeting. Because much of my work is on a job site, I can get away with jeans when I'm looking at a project.

Carolyn said...

Um... NO. I too get sweaty during yoga so I think it's funny when ppl say they can "go straight from yoga class to a date!" Plus I agree with Jennifer, yoga clothes are for yoga and work clothes are for work.

Kiki said...

I think we're all in the same boat. Yoga clothes are for yoga or lounging or weekends; work clothes are for work. And I get too sweaty to go from yoga to anywhere afterward but straight into the shower!

JMay said...

I wish I could!

I would be so comfortable but I'm a paralegal so I don't think the lawfirm would approve when I go to court ;-)

Heather said...

I teach yoga, so yes I do! I'm new to your blog and love it. Thanks for the question!

Eco Yogini said...

actually, I have worn some 'hiking pants' from lulu and some skirts to work (mostly from oqoqo, their organic-sustainable line...). I also wear some tonic and halfmoon wraps to work.
but then, they don't look like yoga clothes, and i didn't buy them to practice in, i bought them cuz they were sustainably made (well tonic and halfmoon anyways).

as a Speech Pathologist I work with kids, often on the floor. I have noticed that recently lulu doesn't carry as much of their 'non-yoga' clothing... and i've also kinda stopped shopping there in general (made in china? ick).

overall, yoga pants for yoga :)

Marina J said...
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