Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2/Snowmageddon/Flurricane/snOMG!

Here in the D.C. area we got SO much snow!

We were sent home from work early on Friday. Luckily I braved the grocery store the night before (and waited in line for an hour at Whole Foods!) I've been mostly catching up on reading and working on a paper for graduate school. I did some yoga, cooked a bit and cleaned out my closet. I've also watched the following movies:

-La Teta Asustada/The Milk of Sorrow
-He's Just Not That Into You
-Crazy Sexy Cancer
-Iluminados por el fuego/Blessed by Fire

Now I am just bored! Everything that needed to get done has been done. I'm already getting cabin fever! Ideas for something fun to do while snowed in?

{Photo credit: pinksherbertphotography}


Melita said...

the title of your post made me laugh and laugh. i am loving the snow. good luck with your cabin fever :) hugs!!

Marisa said...

I have been listening to and reading the news about the major snow storm you got and while here in Nova Scotia we would srugg it off as just another snowy day, it must be very traumatic dealing with the amount you got when you are not accustomed to it. Once you get dug out, try to enjoy a snow tunnel and reclaim your "kid-ness!"

Kiki said...

Bake and cook! Fresh homemade goodies, a new warming soup, or just experimenting with what you have in the cupboard...creativity + tasties - bordeom = perfect snow day activity!