Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Kitchen Wishlist!

I call this The Wedding Prize--it's the dream equipment of bakers and housewives everywhere. I don't bake enough to justify this expensive purchase but you better believe that if I ever get married, it is going on the registry!

A bamboo cutting board. So pretty, so useful and so much better than the plastic thing I have from IKEA.

A Le Creuset dutch oven. I need this--now if only I could decide on a color and a size!

A mandoline, because who doesn't love evenly cut professional-looking vegetables??

These are cute. That's really the only reason.

A salad spinner. I forget to pick one up every. single. time. I'm at the store and I need it!

A bread machine because I have a bread making fail every time I touch flour and yeast.

A confession: I often browse the Vitamix website and think of all the crazy concoctions I could whip up with this little number! A $300-$500 blender? Not in the budget right now but one day this will be mine!

Because every time I can't fit a bottle of wine onto the top shelf of my fridge or any time I have to give up grocery space to chill wine, I think what a lovely invention this is. And I think I would drink a lot more wine if I had one!


Kayla said...

We think alike! I love the kitchen aid, but can't justify the money. I am also lusting after the bread maker and wine fridge. My wine fills up a rack in the basement, but I always have to remember to chill it when we are having people over. A wine fridge would solve that!

shelly said...

i have the kitchen aide, but it is mostly a duster collector...i can't bake anything :(...it makes great mashed potatoes though! if you lived closer, i would GIVE you my salad spinner...it is still in the box and never used :(

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
You should definately save for the Vita-Mix - it's a kitchen gem!