Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Revelry Review: Etete

This past Sunday Jesse and I went to Etete for lunch, an Ethiopian restaurant located at 1942 9th St, NW in DC. Jesse had never tried Ethiopian food so I wanted him to experience it. (Him: "Are they going to bring us silverware?" Me: "No." Him: ".....Ever??") The good news is that he really enjoyed it!

The inside of the restaurant is small but warm and welcoming. The menu is pretty extensive but typical for an Ethiopian restaurant. Clearly we weren't the only ones wanting to eat here as it was pretty full at nearly 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon. We started with a sambusa, which is basically an Ethiopian lentil-stuffed empanada. It had all sorts of spices and definitely had a kick to it.

For our main course, I got the vegetarian sampler (a little bit each of collard greens, spicy red lentils, pickled cabbage and carrots, a split pea puree, something with potatoes and carrots and a few other things that I wasn't exactly sure what they were). Jesse ordered the Yemisir Wat, a red lentil stew, which was delicious. And, of course, injera. The injera here was so light and fluffy and not the least bit greasy, which was a nice surprise. I could have just eaten the injera for lunch--it was seriously that good! I also learned from Wikipedia that the teff flour used to make injera is full of iron, which is a bonus.

This was by far the best Ethiopian food I've had in DC (and I used to think Dukem was unbeatable!). If you are in the area, I would highly recommend you check it out!

{Photo credit: Kevin L}


Analiese Marie said...

Oh, I LOVE Etete. It's definitely my favorite Ethiopian food in DC. The veg sampler is awesome.

Melita said...

there is an ethiopian restaurant in pittsburgh, pa i've been wanting to check out. sounds delish!! hugs!!