Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vegan Kickstart: Days 13 & 14

I spent most of this weekend being lazy and trying to get my knee and hip to not hurt. You see, last week I had an accident that I will call The Perils of Produce.

Jesse and I were at Whole Foods before yoga, getting a few ingredients for our meals together. A corn husk that had turned to wet mush was on the floor. I didn't see it and slipped, landing with all my weight on my knee on the brick-tiled floor. At first I was embarrassed more than anything, since everyone in the produce department and at the fish counter was a witness to my clumsiness. I tried to fight back tears and finish our shopping. Against my better judgement, I still went to yoga. The next day I had a black and blue knee and thought being sore was due to yoga, so Jesse and I went to the gym. By day three it hurt to walk. My knee is still swollen and my hip is still very sore. I am hoping that it heals quickly, so I took advantage of this rainy, cold and gloomy weekend to help it along in that process.

What I did accomplish, however, was reorganizing my closet, purchasing a pair of sandals (when you are a size 11, you have to get them whenever you can!) and a new shirt, doing laundry and watching both "Precious" and "Born into Brothels". If you haven't seen either of these, you MUST immediately see them. They are so powerful. I also made green smoothies for breakfast both days, which included baby spinach, vanilla almond milk, bananas and mixed berries. Yum!

Today I made Vegan Yum Yum 's Spicy Chickpea Tomato soup again, which was perfect for this terrible weather. I also attempted making Tahini Lemon Rice and Beans, which produced my very first cookbook fail. As soon as I mixed the sauce, it separated and looked more like curdled milk. Anyone know why this might have happened? I dumped the sauce and ended up having a tortilla with spinach, red pepper and hummus for dinner instead.

Now I am perusing cookbooks to see what I might try out this week. Here are a few new cool vegan blog finds, which goes to show that I am not the only one with a vegan cookbook problem:

Pink Vegan cooks from The Vegan Table and The Conscious Cook

Scrap.Eat.Book. cooks from Veganomicon

{Photo credit: gaab22}


City Girl said...

Hope your hip and knee are feeling better.

Whenever I make the Tahini Lemon Rice and Beans, the sauce looks like curdled milk. I thought it was just supposed to be that way - you can kind of see how it separates on the picture here:

It invariably tastes good, but now I am wondering if maybe it is not supposed to look curdled?

Kayla said...

Hope your knee and hip are feeling better. I am very clumsy too. Two weeks ago I took a fall down the stairs (carrying a laundry basket) and ended up with a huge bruise on my butt and I wasn't able to sit for a week.

Carolyn said...

OW omg that sounds awful!!! Knee injuries are the worst. You should sue Whole Foods! Haha... jk... sorta.

Anyway, I'm sorry your dish didn't turn out! I've def. had some recipe mishaps since all this cooking began. I can't wait to try something from Vegan Yum Yum tho!