Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vegan Kickstart: Days 19-21

It's official: I have a green smoothie obsession. I try to have one for breakfast. That way I get in a LOT of veggies and fruits and sometimes protein (yay hemp powder) before I even leave the house in the morning. It's decreased my cravings for sweets and boosted my energy levels.

I've promised myself that sometime very soon I will branch out from spinach and start adding more adventurous greens to my smoothies. I have recently been thinking I would really like to have a juicer too so that I don't have to have icy smoothies all the time.

I recently read Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. It's full of great information on nutrition, the benefits of chlorophyll, recipes for green smoothies, etc. Looks like an updated version is on its way out-- I highly recommend it!


Shannon said...

how are you making your green smoothies? i made one the other day, and i wasn't a fan...which surprised me because i love spinach! any recipe suggestions?

-Shannon |@spagrl

Lauren said...

My favorite so far has been two handfuls of baby spinach mixed with about a cup of vanilla almond milk, a pinch of vanilla extract, one frozen banana and lots of frozen mixed berries (it's from Whole Foods--pretty sure it's strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries). Enjoy!

Shannon said...

i'll try that! i was thinking that berries would add the sweetness that i needed...the first one i made was just a little too "green" for me...i'll let you know :)