Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vegan Kickstart: Day 3

Turtle Mountain Foods, thank you for being awesome! Last night I got the So Delicious Coconut Milk Minis. So delicious indeed. They are a smaller cousin to a dairy-free Dove bar. They are super rich from the coconut milk but since they are half the size of a regular one, they come with only half the guilt! I liked that the chocolate was pretty thick and the ice cream itself had a slight coconut taste. An added bonus is that their products have both coconut milk and soy milk varieties, so you can mix it up if you aren't crazy about getting a lot of soy in your diet. I also spied mini ice cream sandwiches at the store that I think I need to try next.

My absolute favorite ice cream is their Purely Decadent Mint Chocolate Chip. If you are craving ice cream or chocolate, I highly recommend you check it out!

Have you tried any Turtle Mountain products? If so, what did you think?


shelly said...

these ARE good!

Carolyn said...

i haven't tried these!! the only nondairy ice cream I've tried are those rice dream mint pie thingies. Not a huge fan of the rice ice cream, BUT i do like coconut milk so i think i will have to try these! Oh and ice cream sandwiches are my fave so maybe i'll try those first. :)

City Girl said...

I love Coconut Mountain products - if I could eat sugar and more coconut, their products would seriously be a staple. They are delicious. I am glad they are starting to do more agave sweetened/low-glycemic options :) Right now, their products fit more under the occasional treat category but they are just lovely to have when I do have them :) I like the basic vanilla ice cream sweetened with agave, which is I think is the same ice cream your bars had - it's so yummy and creamy. I bought a pint for Thanksgiving/Christmas and it ended up last until me through New Year's and Valentine's :) I think it's becuse it's nice and rich so I can have a bit and be happy :)

Anonymous said...

I love So Delicious coconut milk minis! And you're right! I hadn't thought about it, but they do taste like a delicious dairy-free Dove bar. I also love their coconut milk beverages and creamer. And oh yes, of course, their Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream. The chocolate flavor tastes like frozen mousse!